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Fresh Meat!

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25 Nov 2016, 23:49

Fresh Meat!

by Inept » 26 Nov 2016, 00:05

Hello. I've recently returned to freelancer. Got my game downloaded in no time (Yar har har and a bottle of rum)

So, I was like "Theres no way this game still has an active online community, lets do some research" first mod I came across was Discovery 4.88 so I installed that, flew around a bit, made a few million trading. I was surprised how the game seemed to be embedded into my brain and I was pressing all the right keys with no trouble at all even after 10 years of playing 'newer' games.

But I became very bored quickly. There is nothing really new going on with that mod, its just Sirius with some extra ship models and trade items.

So I discover a total conversion mod called Freeworlds: Tides of War (or something like that :P)

Wow, I get in-game and am wondering if this is even based on freelancer at all (but as I turn my ship I see those arrows attatched to the cross-hair so I know i'm playing FL)

This mod looks totally amazing and I've already spent several hours just exploring Corruscant, or is the system called Corellia.... dunno.

Although I find using jumpdrive a bit of a chore i'm slowly getting the hang of it and may soon branch out to a neighbouring system if I can workout how.

Good job on making this feel like Star Wars, it kinda reminds me of the JTL expansion for SWG but on a massive scale.

Shame there doesn't seem to be anybody playing it though, space gets kinda lonely but tbh most people probably can't handle the simulation-like aspect of space flight in this game.

Looking forward to seeing some other players in-game.

See ya!
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16 Feb 2010, 17:46

Re: Fresh Meat!

by DarkForce » 26 Nov 2016, 19:27

Welcome, Inept!

Glad you're enjoying yourself so far. JTL was definitely one of the inspirations for this mod. The hyperspace system can be a bit tricky at first, especially since it's so different from the jump gate system in vanilla Freelancer.

The easiest, and best, way to get in touch with the greater community, players, and developers is to join our Discord text/voice chat server. It's the quickest way to stay up to date on events, game patches, development blogs and so on.

Text Channel: https://discord.gg/x8Tb59X
Voice Channel: https://discord.gg/0WWiTSVTnEf6ZoLQ

It's not even necessary to download a separate client (though you can), it works in your browser as well. Feel free to pop in and ask questions! Please don't hesitate to hop on! It's a very open and welcoming community!


DarkForce [Community Manager and Story Development]
Blame DarkForce, he wasn't clear about it.

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