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Black 5 "obliterater"

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03 Mar 2016, 17:51

Black 5 "obliterater"

by The Green Gamer » 03 Mar 2016, 20:54

Name: Classified, Black 5 "obliterater"
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Homeworld: Classified*

Occupation: Empire Pilot

Physical Appearance: Black 5 is of above average height and while not being muscular he is well built. He has blue eyes and dark brown hair. His face is worn but undamaged and has more life then most imperial pilots. He skin is fair but not sickly.

Personal History: Black 5 is the child of classified and classified and was born on classified. He did well in education and joined the imperial flight school as soon has he could.
After passing he took part in multiple missions in the systems classified and classified. In which he was able to destroy key rebel targets. He was picked after this by Lord Vader to join Black Squadron. Black 5 took no part in defending the first death star as he was doing he advanced training. After the death star's defeat he was posted to Vader's SSD.At the battle of Endor he manged to survive but during the panic of the emperor's death he misjumped to a rebel system where he was shot down over classified. On impact he has suffered head trauma which caused him to lose much of his skill. He was found by a group of farmers which nursed him back to heath.

Now he has found his way back to Imperial space and is ready to fight again.

*For some reason black 5 wished that his origin stayed classified; when asked about it he said "that was another life, this life started after that crash".
The Empire will rise again and when it does it will be nerfed.

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