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Stockpiling, Resources, and Trade System Feedback.

by Waren_Xim » 18 Oct 2015, 02:40

In response to Devblog #34 request for feedback on the current game systems I'll start things off with a few thoughts on the subject:


I support keeping stockpiling in the game though I also support something like the suggested Resource Points system. Players should be able to stockpile resources for the larger ships but should also need some system to earn status to operate the larger and more powerful ships. The bigger and/or more powerful a ship is the more resources and points would be needed to build it. Such a setup could be scaled such that large warship construction would be more about points than raw resources since such large ships would need support of the virtual citizenry to support their construction and operation.


As for the resources themselves I think they are fine as is for the most part. I would like to see them distributed a bit more logically; raw resources at mining stations/planets, parts at fabrication stations/shipyards, and manufactured goods/etc mostly found on planets. Also, have the availability somewhat dynamic in that there could be times when the supply is limited requiring some searching and/or trading activity to build the supply back up.


In regards to trade I would like to see it integrated with the AI system for trade to have some influence into the overall game dynamics. Currently there is no reason other than making some extra credits to do much trading especially in anything not required for ship building. With that in mind I would suggest the supply-and-demand for non-ship resources/goods/personnel have influence on the factions ability to get and maintain the support of the virtual citizenry.

For example: Wookiee Life Day is approaching and the planet is running short of toys so if the NR wants to maintain strong support from the planet the NR should see that Wookiee travelers and toys are supplied to the planet. If not the the NR could expect some negative fallout from the unhappy citizens. (Higher prices, increased crime/pirate activity, less NPC defences in the system, etc...) Negative fallout, like less defences, could be good for the opposing faction but increased crime/pirate activity and prices might not be so good for the opposition.

This would add a layer of logistical management to each of the factions planning and operating strategies. Though, until the player numbers are up, I would expect the trading system(s) to remain a smaller part of the game.

These are just a few ideas for discussion and I do understand some of the ideas may not be possible to implement.

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