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What We're Doing for 'Beta 2'

by Sizer » 01 Jan 2015, 00:25

This is the thread we'll be talking about what we can publicly talk about for Beta 2. It won't come all at once, as we're adopting somewhat less transparent development model as we've used in the past. Years ago, we talked openly about features we were experimenting with. We thought we were clear that they were experimental and would possibly or even probably not make it. A lot of people took it as wrote truth that these things would make their way into the mod, either through blind faith or misunderstanding. So for now, anything experimental we do won't be discussed publicly till we've proven to ourselves that we can do it. I hope you all understand our reasoning for this.

Now, what we can talk about publicly are things like balance and the like, so here we go. The Focus for Beta 2 is the two main factions, the NR and the GE. Once we solidify these with all the new features, we'll move over and bring Hutt and Corella up to modern spec. So for a while, they'll be a bit behind.

Things Slated for Beta 2
  • Fighter Balance Redesign
    • Discarding 'classes'
      • Ships will have a more 'canon' performance profile
      • Example - TIE/D Defender will be absurdly good, TIE/ln will kinda suck
      • These will be balanced by (REDACTED) functions
    • Modular Equipment
      • Weapons (and potentially other systems) will become modular, this will be balanced around reactors and hardpoint types and counts
      • This also allows us to introduce some more MMO elements, like rarity. This will be handled with some death mechanics to keep high level players from being too powerful against new players.
    • Patrol Boats
      • We're deleting the Patrol Boat classification. Instead we're replacing it with a yet to be named floating class based upon canon representations
        • The K-Wing becomes a short range high alpha fleet bomber
        • The Skipray becomes a long range small group convoy raider/patroller without heavy bomber munitions
  • Resist Profiles
    • We can now apply resists to Missile Weapons
      • Proton Torpedoes can now become effective against capitals AND fighters without being underpowered/overpowered against either.
      • Concussion Missiles will likely become more powerful as a result, MG-7s will become less agile against fighters.
    • Capitals, Transports, Freighters, Shuttles and Fighters will have their own unique resist profiles
      • This will allow us to create very powerful weapons against certain classes
      • Battleships can deal real damage to battleships without ganking frigates too hard
      • Fighters can use lasers against light capitals and have a reasonable expectation to drop shields on their own in small groups
      • Fighters and bombers can drop freighter shields without freighters being unreasonably weak to capitals
  • Capitals
    • Capitals will be getting some basic balance passes to account for the new features
      • Cruisers will be getting a rebalance to make them more independent, capable of solo ops
      • ISD II, 'nough said.
      • I will be evaluating the potential for some more cruiser scale variety. (Note - this does not mean new hulls necessarily.)
      • Corvettes and Gunships will be getting bonuses to damage against industrial ships, making them ideal convoy raiders.

This is all I got for the moment that I can share publicly. We'll update the main post as we can reveal stuff.

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