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New look MC-40

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16 Aug 2012, 16:38

New look MC-40

by Lexx » 16 Aug 2012, 16:59

I downloaded the demo shortly before the 1.4 patch came out. You all have done some amazing work so far and the mod looks great!

I made a Rebel Alliance character and as soon as I had enough credits I went and bought myself an MC-40. After using it a bit against enemy cap ships, I noticed the ion cannons would be more useful for PVP than PVE. Ions mainly drain shield and energy and once an enemies shields are down in PVE they are basically useless since NPC ships have a really low rate of fire anyways.

Checking the stats of the other capital ships I noticed the Dreadnought cruiser has the same firepower, shield, and other stats being very comparable to the MC-40. I sold my MC-40 and switched to a Dreadnought since it hits enemy hulls harder and has 20 quad laser cannons making it able to hit fighters better than the MC-40 (but still not very well).

Both ships have the exact same number for manoeuvrability so they should handle the same. I found this wasn't the case as the Dreadnought made the MC-40 seem like a beached whale in comparison. I found the MC-40 turned much slower and didn't handle nearly as well.

This brings up 2 questions.

1.) I saw the new design for the MC-40 at and I am wondering if it is in the demo yet? I don't really want to buy one and find out it's still the old model since I will lose credits when I switch back.

2.) Has anyone else noticed the bad handling of the MC-40 and will that be fixed in a later patch?

I know you are aware of the "flipping" bug, but that one kills the game for me. When I go cap ship killing to earn credits those annoying little fighters bump my ship all over the place and lag me so bad my game freezes up until they stop hitting me. This usually frustrates me to the point where I head back to base and log out before I can really earn many credits. I really hope you can find a way to fix this someday because for me it is game breaking and makes the big cap ships almost unplayable.

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