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14 Dec 2016, 20:18


A galaxy far, far away...

Ancient Roleplayer, Fresh Blood...

by Chronicler » 14 Dec 2016, 21:37

EDIT: I nearly forgot the perfunctory introduction! I am, ironically enough for the moment, REVAN STARBROW. Blame my idiot birthmother for leaving me in the hospital without a name at birth whilst she ran off to have more kids - I haven't the slightest permanent attachment to any name, and get it changed routinely down in court to suit my current whim. My last one was Inaiá Rossi... yeah, don't ask. Without further ado... /End EDIT

So, as hinted at in the above title, I spent the last... lemme check a calendar... kriffing crapbaskets, almost eight years in the Neverwinter Nights roleplay community. Still there, but my latest concept died an awful death recently and I'm taking a break from the horrors of EfU. I blame the kobold-hating ooze druids.... getting off topic there. ANYWAY! Been around the mill RP-wise, but nothing ever fit the bill for my -need- for something Star Wars, except for Contrition, which... turned into a steaming pile of bantha dung that desperately needed the blaster fire it received shortly afterward, killing off the majority of its community, and my amusement along with it.

Long-windedness aside, I stumbled upon this little gem whilst dusting off a copy of Freelancer! It is my dearest wish that FW:ToW and its community can provide me with much amusement, and in turn be enriched by new blood and a fresh PC... or several, depending how quickly I die off.... anyway. Getting to the point, which has been a long time coming, and I thank you for your patience thus far, as I as yet still find myself unriddled by blaster bolts and lightsabres... ah, I did it again. I'd apologize, but forgiveness is a weakness, and I'd hate to shoot someone for revealing such. Gah! Alright, the POINT:

If there's an active text or voice chat, I'd be interested in furthering communication with the general community! I'd also like a little information on FACTION NUMBERS as they stand right now, for I have seen in spots on the forum that there are a few, and some are hurting for numbers! I am not against balancing out those numbers with a character (or several, depends how horribly I get killed and how quickly). So share with me, who needs what, and I'll conceive a few gems to toss into the pot.

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