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RP Event Reboot

by Kalis » 06 Jul 2015, 02:57

I have a proposal for the community for kicking off a campaign consisting of a series of events that will take the place of the current random pulled-out-of-my-ass events that we have been running or attempting to run for the past few months. There are unfortunately problems, which I need help in solving if this is going to have a chance at success. We'll get to those later, first the idea.

This is also pretty scattered and incoherent, sorry about that.

Given the current timeline I want to start the first in a series of campaigns that will cover the fighting between the New Republic and the Empire. We will have a small map, showing several systems and the routes connecting them instead using the available Galaxy. I intend to keep most of the systems that are actually in game out of this, instead using them as proxies for various other system that aren't in game. This way we avoid having to actually change the allegiance of a system and a side can actually say they took a sector or system without having it challenged by the in game reality.

Like the campaign we tried earlier every week will be one turn, with the sides alternating moves every week. Unlike the previous campaign it will not always end in a simple battle, and ships will be admin provided for the most part, with battles for control of a system being pre-arranged based on previous events. There will be challenged, like perhaps instead of an all out assault you have to sneak your forces past an overwhelming blockade fleet, or maybe instead of moving to take a planet you can attempt to capture an enemy vessel.

Events will not always be completely preset as well, we will have several mission types and the roll of the dice will be returning as a deciding factor in what happens. So while some are going to be guaranteed to be a specific event, others will be randomly decided what we are doing, will it be an assault, an escort mission, infiltration, smuggling, or who knows what? :)

I intend for the cards to re-appear, but haven't designed them yet. There will not be a forum RP portion as all RP and interaction will take place in game.

Another feature is that other than actually taking systems you will receive points for actions, even if you lose you will get some, that you can spend on acquiring an extra capital or other various buffs for your team and nerfs for the other. I might actually make the cards part of this system. The capitals that you have all worked towards and actually built will be a part of this campaign as well, every battle will have a slot for an extra capital that is a part of that faction's actual fleet. These slots will be size limited so no you can't send in an ISD or MC90 on every battle, but those ships you worked hard to build may be a deciding factor here.

Also all capitals (except the build slot one) will carry over for use in other battles and they will be a resource that you will need to be a little protective of because new ships unless mission necessary will not be free after the first few rounds. See the point system above. And did I mention they are permadeath? Including the built ships, if one dies in a battle you may not use it again in the campaign. Once a new campaign starts it may be used again.

By now you have probably already noticed the flaws. I want to keep this in the style of the old RP events where we are not tied to one team, yet there is obviously investment here. I don't want this to turn into a hostile overly competitive thing, I want this to be a fun weekly get together. So I have two ideas to remedy this, first is the entire teams switch every few turns. This I don't think will work because it is still the same people fighting the same people, just with different ships. The second idea is to cycle players, every turn a couple people switch sides. To promote this I would consider giving them some sort of a bonus for having the sportsmanship to switch over. I like the second idea better but perhaps you have your own or another take on one of the above.

There are plenty of other flaws, and things I forgot to mention because of the manner in which I typed this up. Feel free to ask questions, or post suggestions here, or just give your support if this is something you would like to be a part of.
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