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10 Apr 2014, 14:33

Jahna Sha'en

by AlphaWolf215 » 10 Sep 2015, 20:32

(Disclaimer: I have discussed this character with Dark Force, the Community Manager, and I understand and agree that this character may or may not be implemented prior to the implementation of Force sensitive characters/factions at his discretion. I am writing this to begin building this character, as a backstory, and the time leading up to this character joining a force sensitive faction)

Name: Jahna Sha'en
Species: Togruta
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Homeworld: Shili

Occupation: New Republic oriented smuggler

Physical Appearance: Jahna Sha'en, a female Togruta of roughly 5ft 6in. Muscular in build. Her skin is a deep blue colour.

Personal History: Growing up among the tribes of Shili, Sha'en learned a few basic healing remedies. As many tribes where peaceful, and had long been close to the Jedi, she was brought up on the ideals and teachings of the old Jedi order. Peace, compassion, caring. These words described the people of the Na'hi clan, and was the words they chose to live by.

Jahna Sha'en grew up with few luxuries. Whilst her clan moved about Shili often, they often gave items away to those in greater need. This, along with the teachings of the Jedi that the clan held close, was what defined her not only through childhood, but also through early adult life under the empire. Refusing to believe that the Jedi where anything like the empires claims, she became a silent supporter of the Rebel Alliance, supporting those who required her help through smuggling means.

In this role, as Rebel supporter-smuggler, she learned shortcuts through the galaxy. Learned to barter for prices, using whatever she had as leverage, including her looks. Whilst she disliked some of her choices, she was happy to pay that price to help those most in need, the locations of which she also learned through smuggling contacts.

(In further posts, I will explore the character further, either through a diary style theme, or through further summary's)
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