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A TOW Community Game!

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A TOW Community Game!

by Rogueleeder » 23 Mar 2015, 01:26

Okay this was an idea that Loki and myself came up with a while ago. We know that throughout the week the community is busy blowing itself to pieces on the server which is great. However we thought it would be a great idea to have the community come together and play regardless of factional allegiances.

Therefore this is the place that people can post games they'd like to play with other community members. I recommend posting games that can have a lot of people in them at once, or maybe encourage people working together.

My suggestions (on discussion with Loki):

1. ARMA 3
[Genre:Tactical FPS]
I recommend this game beyond everything, both Loki and myself have the capacity to design missions for people to play through and the ARMA 3 engine allows us to edit and adjust the missions as you guys are playing. Its a proper military simulator (nothing like Battlefield or Call of Duty) with a huge map, physics engine and large player capacity. I think this would be perfect for encouraging teamwork with other community members plus its great fun and provides hours of entertainment. There even places you can pick it up for less than the Steam price.

(List will expand as I discover more)

So go ahead people post the games you'd like to play with the rest of the community (including people outside your own factions). When we find commonly suggested games that most people own we will organize a designated game night once a week (depending on popularity) and we'll just all sit and have some good old fashioned fun!
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Re: A TOW Community Game!

by Kalis » 23 Mar 2015, 01:41

Some games that were thrown around in the meeting alongside Arma 3 were:

Battlefront II
Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes 2
Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion (probably w/ Ascendancy or Armada)

I don't feel like explaining the exact points brought up about each, needless to say we will probably have multiple sessions in multiple games up at once because not everyone has the same game.
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18 May 2014, 03:24


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Re: A TOW Community Game!

by Technogeist » 23 Mar 2015, 04:39

I want to break out Republic Commando again...

MP on that is decent, I enjoyed it last I played.

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