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by Frost1s » 10 Feb 2015, 20:37

Hello there

Again i have few more thinks what i want to "talk" about.

1.Ship deals/trading of ships.Well i was thinink about to ask Waren if he dont want to sell his ships for stockpile materials.Accualy i want DP20 becose its my second favorite ship, and its more usefull in fights than my most favorite CR90.Also i would mention that NR used DP20.But also there could be posibility to trade this by NR and Corelia.(Imps can trade with pirates what is also true).

2. It was told to that evrybody know this , and thats why i am placing it on second place. Well i like CR 90 ,but still in-game there is few thinks i dont like mutch. Like speed of ship called Blocade runner,eqiped with 11 fucking engies, have speed around 240. And also evrybody call it trader ship (untill they fight me) but it have 200 cargo(and it really tradeship,and also fighter,escort,whatever, that why its multipurpuse.).But i know there is many "more important " thinks, but CR90 is most know star wars ship after X-wing,ISD,MilleniumFalcon,TIE,(it was in 3 episodes).AND many player have CR 90 and use it active.

3.BTW shileds after crash still suck

I forgoted somethink but never mind...
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Re: Ships

by Kalis » 10 Feb 2015, 22:19

Blockade Runner Can't Run Blockades, New Name Needed
One thing that I know Sizer is very aware of (because I made sure of that :P ) is how much I hate the way the current CR90 flies. I think it's maneuvering is fine and its guns are great for their job, but it is so slooooow. I intended to avoid talking about this until there was another CR90 pilot, preferably NR, to contribute and now there is. Simply put, 240 in cruise is too slow for the ship that is famous for outrunning everything else. Do I think it needs to go as fast as a YT? Lol no. But it should be able to outrun a Nebulon B, those huge bulk freighters, and my Escort Carrier. Right now it does none of those things. Its power core is also finicky, one dent in the shields and it costs energy to move forward without cruise. That kind of sucks when you are flying through a pirate infested gravity well.

Suggestion: Bump the CR90's cruise speed to around 300ish while at the same time giving its power core a bump so it can move forward (not cruise though) indefinitely. Its cruise should last for a decent period of time but I am fine with it not being able to cruise for long after taking a hit to the shields or firing its guns. To balance this I would suggest cutting its cargo capacity by a quarter or half since it is not a dedicated freighter, although we do tend to use it as one...
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