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Alec Durant

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Alec Durant

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Image is Circa 12ABY

Subject name: Adan Durant
Given Name: Alec Durant [Post 19 BBY]
Age: 69
Species: Human,
Homeworld: Kalarba, Kalarba System, Hevvrol sector
Associations: Jedi Order, Galactic Republic, Alliance To Restore The Republic, New Republic

Current Occupation: Military and Strategic Advisor to the New Republic Ruling Council

Physical Appearance: [As of 12ABY] Alec Durant is an older man of average build, with grey hair and a short beard. He is often garbed in formal New Republic Officer dress uniform befitting of his rank. His pale grey eyes seem tired and almost haunted, the sign of a man who has witnessed much sadness and loss in his lifetime. He tries to look optimistic with a smile when in public but it is clear that Alec has spent much of his life time in combat.

Character History: [Being Explored in the A Knight for All Time: Journal of Alec Durant - viewtopic.php?f=155&t=3809]
Chief Adviser to New Republic Command

Retired from combat operations


Side Positions:
Lore Staff
Admin Assistant
Blame RL he wasn't here enough

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