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Medical Officer Jase Reed

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10 Apr 2014, 14:33

Medical Officer Jase Reed

by AlphaWolf215 » 13 Aug 2015, 21:26

Name: Jase Reed, ID-3874
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Homeworld: Fondor

Occupation: Medical Officer. Imperial Fleet Officer(in-training)

Physical Appearance: Jase Reed is comparable in build to the Clone Troopers of the Republic, with a short, military approved, haircut.

Personal History: As a child, Jase cared about the people surrounding him. Growing up post Clone Wars, he found himself in a galaxy of concern. With many still recovering from the horrors of the war, and this taught him to hold on to everything around him.

As a child in school, he worked long and hard, focusing on his education, as well as his friends and family. It was a difficult balance, but he soon found his way into the Imperial Academy of Medicinal Practice, starting a course on "Medicines and their uses in the field".

During his time at the academy, he heard rumors of the Rebellion, convincing worlds to join with it, and eventually declaring themselves as the "New Republic". This baffled him, as the Empire had always seemed to care for it's citizens, as far as he could tell at least. The holovids of the Republics corruption in school, and the betrayal of the Jedi Order, all this convinced him that the New Republic was a problem. So alongside his studies, he began training in basic starfighter skills, and began inquiring with his instructors about different military postings. It was during his third year at the academy that he decided not to become a simple doctor on a unknown backworld, but to sign up to the Imperial Navy, and to one day operate a medical vessel on the front lines, aiding those stormtroopers and officers who had, for many years, kept him safe and well.

Convinced that the New Republic had been declared purely to destabilise the wounded empire, he made contact with Imperial Command, requesting to be assigned to a vessel that would allow him to live his dream, and save his beloved empire. It was only weeks past his graduation, having received a doctorate, and he was already enrolling in the Imperial command academy, where he would learn the maneuvers and skills he would need as a bridge officer first, and later, a warship commander.

Now in the academy, Reed has decided to work as close to the high ranks as possible, volunteering as and where he can. Making this decision, Jase hopes his request will be passed at a later date, on a day where he is proud to call himself Imperial.
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