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Charlie Vanguard, Gun for hire~

by Odyessy_Vanguard » 13 May 2015, 05:42

Name: Charlie Vanguard

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Homeworld: Yaga Minor

Occupation: Merc. for hire

Physical Appearance: Charlie is a plain human male, Tanned skin and short hair. Dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.
He has a beige jacket with a strap in the back for aesthetic sakes, under the coat he wears a plain white shirt with a pair of navy blue pants that look a bit too snug.
His foot wear is a pair of worn black boots. He is not a good dresser.
He is a normal muscle build. He stands at good Five foot Nine.

Personal History: Charlie was an imperial recruit at the age of 19, but he nearly passed his training but failed due to not getting his required passing marks in all of his courses (Accuracy, Discipline, Endurance etc.)

After failing his stormtrooper training and being kicked outta the academy for being a shameful excuse for a soldier, He used what he learned from the academy and turned to being a Gun for Hire in the Outer Rim systems.

Due to being born and raised on Yaga Minor, he is used to the oddity that is Insectiod aliens, and the many stories told by pilots and crew passing through system.
He seeks to make his own story in the great galatic stage, his first story being in the outer rim.
There he learned fast that being a merc is hard and rough, nearly dying multiple times but saved due to some miraclous event, I.E; Rancor smashed by a cave in, Speed Biker gang getting lost, Enemy running out of ammo, Ex-girlfriend hitting her head and seemingly forgetting him, etc etc.

He used this luck for both fame and infamy. He is known by some to be an idiot with luck, Others think he is a force user, While in reality his just a idiot who trips over his own shoes.

He has 2 years of combat experince and has imperial training. He owns his own fighter, a used IRD-A, He prefers long rifles as opposed to up close and personal conflicts and because of that personal prefrence he knows how to use long rifles(Which include sniper rifles) in a relevantly good fashion, But should things get up close and personal he has a scout blaster for quick shootouts. He often gets distracted by minor things like wild life and plant life in his current surroundings, which has cost him a job or two... and many many dead friendlies and contractors.

OOC: To be used in the RP adventure, with DarkForce's approval.

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