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Rebel_Storm redshirts

by Rebel_Storm » 28 Feb 2015, 05:18

These are temporary killable characters created for campaigns.

Vek Deltos
Species: Duros
Homeworld: Duro
Height: 1.6 meters
Career: Alliance SpecForces
Rank: Lieutenant
Appearance: Lets just say that standing next to Cad Bane, it would be hard to tell who was who. The only major differences--Vek wears an SF helmet and is loyal to the Rebellion and its allies.

Notes: He wields twin blasters and a belt full of vibro-knives, and thats not even his standard-issue SpecForces gear. Do NOT cross his line of fire.

status: alive

Korvas Lockheart
Species: Human
Homeworld: Alderaan
Allegience: Rebel Alliance
Role: Demolitions
Appearance: Standing 5'4", with a neatly trimmed, but lightly singed brown crew cut, Lockheart doesn't especially stand out from the crowd in looks. He typically wears a black pressure-equipped jumpsuit and an armored tactical vest, also black.

Notes: What makes this man stand out from any other Rebel is his keen knowledge of explosives. Give him a rocket launcher, and he can destroy a whole tank squad in minutes. Give him a backpack full of det packs and a really big structure, and he'll blow holes the size of a small moon in it.

Weakness: What he excels in with explosives, he makes up for with his lack of skill with blasters. His team cracks jokes about him shooting like a stormtrooper. As such, when there's nothing to blow up, he carries a z-6 rotary blaster cannon so he can atleast lay a field of suppressive fire. The generator, he took to a fellow Rebel who was skilled with electronics, and he got it turned into a wheeled droid so he wouldn't have to rely on a support engineer to carry it around.

status: alive
FLT, R. Duine Image Wolf-02 (B-wing)

Bountyhunter available 2 highest bidder. P/M me 4 contract.

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