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Note: Once killed these characters are gone forever. I will not be reusing them. These accounts do not tell everything, just what is known of them.

If you see one online, get ready for some action!

Juuran the Ruthless

Juuran was a young human noble from the Tion Cluster who was slated for a life of politics and ceremony. Despite having everything Juuran was never satisfied, he constantly wanted more and often ended up in trouble with authorities who his parents would pay to look the other way. Eventually he did the unthinkable and murdered another noble with whom he was in a petty argument. He fled with the police on his tail in his private yacht.

Having always wanted an adventurous life of danger and glory, Juuran saw his chance now that he was a wanted man and could never hope to return. So he withdrew a massive deposit from one of his parents' bank accounts, and sold his yacht to buy himself a pirate ship. He got conned into buying an old Neutron Star Freighter which he vainly named Juuran's Dagger.

Gullible, and prone to rage fits, his crew never took a liking to him. His money was what kept them around. Eventually his habit of randomly killing crew and prisoners as well as his less than loved personality earned him the moniker "The Ruthless," he loved it and never realized it was more a joke on his overall whiny and cowardly character than a reflection on his murders.

The Juuran's Dagger has been seen all across the Northern Reaches of the Galaxy. Mostly in the Cron Drift, Gordian Reach, Kashyyyk, and Dathomir although he has been known to intrude into Coruscant and Muunilinst when desperate. He is wanted both by the Empire and the New Republic and is known to fight military frigates and smaller in the hopes of gaining another ship. He typically runs from anything larger however.


Captain Huyj'il

Like many rebels, Huyj'il joined up to fight the Empire and start righting wrongs. Some of his closest friends were killed when Imperials restored order to his system. Burning with a hatred for the Empire, Huyj'il fought through the rebellion's ranks until he was among the first non-Calamari to captain a Mon Calamari cruiser. Having fought at Endor Huyj'il keeps fond memories of that battle, and wishes the rebels had pressed their advantage to wipe out the Empire.

Huyj'il's war mongering, his want to destroy the remnants of the Empire and their supporters, took precedent over stabilizing worlds and protecting others in his mind. His cries went unheeded and he silently plotted, growing more unstable and fanatical. When Thrawn returned and nearly ended the New Republic his philosophy began to gain supporters. Then the Emperor's return and the destruction caused during Shadowhand netted him more. Soon his ship was completely crewed by those loyal to him and despite his rank of Captain he had an influence over multiple ships.

Pellaeon's retaking of Orinda was the last straw. Loudly denouncing the politicians and peace-lovers running the Republic for their failures he veered dangerously close to a court martial. The navy however never got the chance. Huyj'il and his ship, the MC80 Redeemer, disappeared along with his small following. Soon reports began circulating around the Namadii Corridor of a Calamari cruiser attacking any Imperial or New Republic vessels that it encountered.

Huyj'il has declared a New Rebellion. He will not stop until every world loyal to the Empire is reduced to ash and the corrupt and useless politicians of the Republic have paid with their lives. His base is unknown. He has named himself President Commander and rules over his fanatical followers absolutely. Although his small faction is not a threat to the stability of either the Empire or the New Republic yet, he still needs to be dealt with.



A mercenary Dreadnaught working for the highest bidder, the Blackguard's captain is a mysterious figure. It is not even known what he, she, or it looks like. The ship has a reputation across the Galaxy as a reliable vessel, at least while under a contract. It is also well known the Blackguard belongs to one of the Hutt kajidics although which is something no one except its owners are sure of. At any rate, the Blackguard is often seen fighting with anyone who can afford it, anywhere a profit can be turned, or collecting debts for its master when not on the job.

Because of a failed bid supporting a Binayre group in Corellia the Blackguard is currently a wanted ship in the Sector. It maintains a staunch neutrality in the war between the New Republic and the Empire but is not against temporarily breaking said neutrality for a good pay off.


Captain Rykler

Rykler was a distinguished captain throughout what has been dubbed the Galactic Civil War. He flew through the academy with top honors and has quickly given his own command, captaining vessels turned out to be another thing he excelled at. He was eventually given command of a Star Destroyer. Rykler never entertained thoughts of betraying his country, but someone wanted him gone. While his ship was refueling at Fondor he found the following message:

We have detected some notable discrepancies in Captain Rykler's behavior. He has recently refrained from showing as much support for the New Order as he used to, and has even made disparaging remarks about the Empire to several crew members. Normally this wouldn't warrant the following actions, but correspondence between Rykler and several others indicates that he may very well turn traitor. Thankfully, Rykler's Star Destroyer is currently docked at Fondor for refueling. Recommending immediate termination before he leaves.

The captain has been left with no where to go, and no one to turn to except his own crew. He has started debating the possibilities, from a final stand on board his ship against the inevitable commandos who would be sent to seize it to hopping a small ferry out of the system and lying low for the next few years. One stood out though, Rykler heard that the New Republic treated defectors well, in fact he know that quite a few of their command were ex-Imperial. He decided to ship out and make a dash for the border systems. With the Imperial Navy hot on his tail.


Many more will be added in the future as characters die off and are replaced.
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