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Old Bob (SCD-14)

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Old Bob (SCD-14)

by Waren_Xim » 25 Jan 2015, 21:09

Name: Old Bob (SCD-14)
Species: Security Commander Droid
Age: 50
Homeworld: None
Association: Mostly Independent though his ship is Corellian flagged
Occupation: Private Security/Mercenary Ship Captain

Personal History: In a galaxy filled with droids and a long history of droids few have ever gained notice and fewer still have achieved true independence.

SCD-14 was built as an advanced Security Commander Droid that could lead/control other security droids apart from a central command or control center. This droid soon proved itself different from other SCDs as it took every opportunity to upgrade, learn, and expand its database. Impressing its masters it earned the rare honor of an official name, Bob. Bob was the name of a mythical droid that old stories said had traveled to the galaxy via a blackhole long ago.

Bob served his masters well for many years proving his value time after time, but then his masters fell under the influence of dark forces. Ignoring his warnings his masters would eventually be drawn into a senseless, galaxy wide war. So when the command signal went out for all the droids to shut-down he ignored the command and set out to make his own way.

Operating in the Outer Rim Territories he passed himself off as everything from a cyborg mercenary to a rentable Hutt war trophy. Then over the years he managed to get ownership a gunship and assembled a motley crew of droids and non-droid outcasts. His big break came after escorting a convoy of independent merchant ships; the old gunship arrived in the Gamor system to a surprising sight. A disabled Corellian heavy gunship was under attack from several pirate ships. As the Corellian ship faced certain destruction Old Bob launch a precise attack on the pirates main ships. The pirates were completely off guard as they had all their ships shield power directed to the forward shields. His attack quickly disabled the main ships causing the other pirate ships to flee.

The Corellians could hardly believe that they had been rescued by a ship commanded by a droid. As the Corellian government had a substantial reward out for the captured pirates Old Bob surprised them again by only asking for the right to salvage and operate the Corellian gunship. The Corellians happily agreed as the ship was considered a "total loss", they doubted the old droid could ever get the gunship operational. But then just over a year later the, like new gunship, SS Gunslinger arrived in the Corellian system with Capt Old Bob registering his ship and crew as a private security force.

The Corellian government kept its word and has allowed the ship to operate as a private security ship, in accordance with Protectorate laws. Also, the Protectorate has made clear that the ship is not in any way representing the Protectorate. The galaxies other governments should consider the ship an independent security/mercenary force....

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