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The Personalities of Rebel_Storm

by Rebel_Storm » 23 Dec 2014, 02:53

Name: Rogan Duine
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 42 (born 30 BBY)
Homeworld: Kuat
Affiliation: Rebel Alliance\New Republic
Occupation: Wolf Squadron XO\Bomber Flight CO

Physical Appearance: Thin, but short, measuring at only 4'2". His sandy-blonde hair, he wears in a short, slightly messy tussle, complete with a neatly trimmed chin-scruff. Interestingly enough, his face is a striking resemblance of Chris Hemsworth.

Background: Rogan started his career as a KDY engineer under the Galactic Empire. However, feeling the Empire's oppression, and longing for Kuat independence, Rogan chose to defect to the Rebel Alliance, providing them with a few schematics of the shipyards, enough that they were successful in highjacking multiple capital ships.

Now in the service of the Rebellion, Rogan turned to bomber-piloting, and following the near-total annihilation of Gold Squadron, Rogan's squadron was the runner-up for best bombers in the Corps, which aided in procurring him a position as Wolf Squad XO.


Name: Maverick (CP-3117) Mandel (after joining NR, created last name to hide identity. Based on Fett, a Mandalorian.
Species: Human Clone
Gender: Male
Age: 4 (He was cloned with an experimental hyper-growth formula. He's like a hyperactive 16 year old who just got a driver license)
Former Homeworld: Bastion
Former Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Current Affiliation: New Republic

Occupation: Imperial Navy pilot turned New Republic reserve officer

Physical Appearance: A former clone, Maverick stands 5'11", has standard brown military cut. Generally looks like any other clone

Personal History: A recent generation clone, Maverick missed the horrors of the GCW, and now fights, what he has been told is, the galaxy's darkest evil. Unknown to his superiors, Maverick was cloned with a "defect"--he doesn't have absolute loyalty. So his story is one of a secret searcher as he endeavored to discover the truth, and ultimately chose the Republic.

Status: Very Deceased. Killed by a Sienar Corvette rigged with cluster-bombs. Or not...


Name: Reb Larson (25BBY-present)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Former Homeworld: Ryloth
Affiliation: Whichever faction pays the most, used to be the Hutts

Occupation: Freelancer, smuggler, assassin, bounty hunter, thief

Physical Appearance: Stands 5'6", wears jet black hair in crew cut. General appearance dirty, scarred, and grease-stained. If he takes off his helmet, you'll see a dark scowl.

Personal History: No one knows. All they know is, for the right price, this hunter pilot, .Bloodhound_5-1, will do anything, for anyone, under any circumstances, in any spacecraft, no questions asked. Was popular in Hutt territory till betrayed by Durga's rivals, but has also stolen tech from rebels and delivered to Imperials and vice versa. Of course, since he's so good at what he does, and is always switching ships, no one has been able to pinpoint anything on him. Of course, there was one time he was supposedly caught by an Imperial guard while attempting to steal a TIE, but he was never arrested and interestingly enough, bystanders reported hearing the trooper saying, "You aren't the bounty hunter I'm looking can move along now..."
Ship of preference: YT-2400.

Motto: If you shoot at me, I shoot you. If you have something I want, I shoot you. If you don't pay up, I shoot you. If I'm in a bad mood, I shoot you. If you pay my price, you pay when I demand it, and I'm in a good mood, I might be convinced to leave you alone."


Name: Zach Sherman
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Former Homeworld: Corellia
Affiliation: Corellian Security Forces (CSF)
Former Occupations: Ship repair and equipment sales; Navy bomber pilot
Occupation: CSF fighter pilot

Physical Appearance: Unlike his stringbean brother and equally thin cousin, Zach is more the broad man of the family. He stands a mere 5'2", but every square inch of his broad shoulders is muscle. His jet black hair is worn in regulatory crew cut fashion and his eyes are brown as the Navy's morning coffee. What stands out most about him, though, is he has 12 fingers. Known to put a bomb decal on hi helmet for every cap ship he sinks, or alternatively an 'X' tattoo somewhere on his arm.

Personal History: When his cousin Adrian joined up, Eddie was 16, but Zach was only 12. Desperate to support the cause of freedom, Zach turned to the one group that didn't turn him down for his age--a cell of the Corellian Resistance that had been started by his father, a former high-level Navy Admiral.
So till Corellia was freed, he freelanced for CEC, NRN, the Hutt family, even ran weapons for his CR cell. When the resistance was finally strong enough, the CR rose up and drove the Imperials out of the system. In the ensuing battle, Zachary led the Y-wing charge that sucessfully destroyed the IFV Noose.

Later, Zach joined up with the CSF. He's flown a CSF Y-wing, I-7 Howlrunner, YT-2800 Spearhead PT gunboat, a P3 Planetary Defender, and currently an R-41 Starchaser ever since his stand-off with Hutt Mercs, following a CorSec informant’s death on Tyrius. He's gotten the kills he has, not because of tactics or skill, but because, as his cousin says, "the Force isn't strong enough in him to make him a Jedi, but its strong enough in him to make him more than a common adversary for the Hutts".
His Corellian Resistance kill history has earned him the nickname of "Capper Cop". His current tail# is .Archangel_2-1 and he currently commands Archangel Squad's 2nd wing.


Name: Eddie Sherman Status: AWOL
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Former Homeworld: Corellia
Affiliation: New Republic Navy (NRN)

Occupation: Space Force fighter pilot. Originally trained in freighter repair and equipment sales.

Physical Appearance: If Eddie took his boots off, he'd be 6'4", a tall, thin, but devilishly handsome stringbean. He keeps his blond hair neatly trimmed in a regulatory crew cut. His eyes are royal blue, and the most striking thing about him are his ears, which draw to a pronounced pointy top. He tries to keep a straight face when on parade, but when the squad leader's back is turned, Eddie smirks and makes silly faces, to the amusement of his squad. Other physical features include a big stormtrooper helmet tattoo on his back--with a red bar and circle ontop.

Personal History: When his cousin Adrian joined the Rebellion during the GCW, Eddie was only 16. He tried multiple times to get in, but unsuccessfully, cause he was too young. His parents had been killed by Imperials, but his aunt was against him joining, and his uncle was willing to let him make his own choice, but preferred that he stay home to help with the freighter repair and equipment business.
One day, Eddie was flying his uncle's YT-1300 through Hutt space after a parts delivery to a customer. He came upon a Rebel YKR-37 freighter being attacked by a Cartel Armodragon. Eddie intervened, quickly slagged the mercs, and escorted the freighter to safety. In thanks, the Rebel administration admitted Eddie into the ranks. Master Sergeant Sherman has served with many squads, most notably as Gold Leader ever since Endor. He flew many X-wing missions in Wolf Squad, tail# .Wolf_0-6. However, he's currently training to become one of the Republic's best K-wing Bomber pilots.

What he doesn't realize though, is that his history goes much, much deeper than what he was told

WARNING: If you announce you are an Imperial pilot, he will laugh in your face before attempting to throw you painfully over the edge of life.
WARNING: If you are flying with him, you may want to avoid hanging too close to him when traversing wide gaps of open space--the Inquisitor put a pretty big bounty on his head.


Name: Adrian Conlan (28 BBY-present)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Homeworld: Corellia
Affiliation: Corellian Engineering Corps. (CEC)

Occupation: Hotshot freighter-pilot, freelancer, blockade runner. Originally trained in ship repair and equipment sales.

Physical Appearance: Adrian stands 6'1" with a wiry, but sturdy build. His blonde hair, he wears in a fashion not unlike Braveheart's. His eyes are golden-brown, and his most prominent facial feature is his large flared nose. You'd be hard pressed to catch him when he's not showing a smirking grin, but if you dare even suggest you sympathize with the Sith, the rage on his face will be the last thing you see before you exit life. Other traits include a braid (he trained as a Jedi till he was 9) and a black starbird tattoo on his left shoulder, emerald green one on his right.

Personal History: Adrian's mother was a daughter of a former Protectorate official and his father was the cousin of a Jedi Master. However, both parents were supposedly killed by bounty hunters 3 years after he was born. At the time of Order 66, Adrian was 9 and had just completed his lightsaber quest on Ilum, which is why he wasn't at the temple during the massacre. Adrian destroyed his lightsaber and was raised thereafter by his aunt and uncle Sherman, alongside his cousins Eddie and Zachary. To his joy though, his parents were discovered to be alive and in hiding, but returned just weeks before Admiral Sherman was killed in a skirmish between the Corellian Underground and Imperial forces.

When the rebellion fully broke out, Eddie ended up as a supply smuggler, Zachary joined the Corellian Resistance, and Adrian started out as a supply escort, but never saw any action till the battle of of Hoth, where he was given an A-wing and assigned as an escort for one of the fleeing Rebel shuttles. During the second Death Star battle, he few a Y-wing in Emerald squad, single-handedly torpedoing 2 destroyers and taking out a cruiser by destroying a fighter that was half-way through the hangar ray-shield.

Amazingly, he and his cousins all survived the war, and now Adrian freights for CEC and CorSec, and in his spare time runs a freelancing freight business with his modified YT-2400. And Adrian's call sign, .ConlanFreight_1-1, is known all over the galaxy as the man for the job, whether it be running contraband past Imperial police, hauling weapons through the Hutt system, or blasting a few pirates or other space scum over lunch break.
FLT, R. Duine Image Wolf-02 (B-wing)

Bountyhunter available 2 highest bidder. P/M me 4 contract.

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