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Talon Xena

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Talon Xena

by Axxif » 20 Dec 2014, 18:32

Name: Talon Xena
Species: Human
Age: 27 (14 BBY)
Homeworld: Demograd

Occupation: Rendili StarDrive Merchant and Field Representative/Mechanic

Physical Appearance: Talon is a short but husky man whose true appearance is most often hidden under a trench coat. He's almost always wearing a smirk, although sometimes it's more of a half-smile. Sadly, his facial expression is limited to that, as shrapnel once tore his face in a way that most facial muscles were cut. Luckily his injuries were merely cosmetic; you'll agree with that once you hear his even huskier voice.

Personal History: Talon Xena was the son of a Republic Navy Logistics Officer, and you could easily see that at first glance. He loved building and organizing as a child, as well as the vast expanse of space. When he finally came of age, he pounced as fast as he could on a job offer from the RCWCB. After a short planetary assignment, Talon found himself running supplies all around the coalition. When the RC returned to the galaxy at large, Talon (whom was hospitalized) felt unhappy with his current job, and while recuperating he decided to look for other employment. What he found was exactly what he wanted: Rendili StarDrive was looking for a candidate that would be willing to both transport cargo and work as a field representative/mechanic on behalf of them. Gleeful, he happily accepted, and has worked there ever since.
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