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Nicholas Pitt

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Nicholas Pitt

by Axxif » 23 Nov 2014, 23:11

Name: Nicholas Pitt
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 31 (18 BBY)
Homeworld: Repeg

Occupation: Skillful Imperial Line Officer and Army Tactician

Physical Appearance: Nick Pitt held a strong build, and maintained it fairly well. The son of a Clone Wars veteran, he held many of the traits of his father, although in comparison most would say he resembled his mother Lila. Being a charismatic person, many find him to be rather reserved but at the same time outgoing, a quality that has carried him far.

Personal History: Nicholas Pitt was born in a quiet region of the galaxy just outside of the scope of the new-found Galactic Empire, and grew up there with his parents and extended family... erm, sort of. His father, along with much of his 'family' were clone troopers. These troops were of the famed Gamma Corps, whom had allegedly disappeared without a trace (along with a sizable Republic fleet) into the unknown regions in pursuit of a Separatist flotilla weeks before Order 66 (this story, along with that of Gamma Corps, will be shared at a later date).

Growing up, Nick was continually immersed in educationally-thriving environment. Every so often, when his father went off to defend against pirates and mercenaries, he would sneak along and watch, absorbing what he saw. Eventually, he would come along too, and quickly proved under fire his worth to the Coalition Defense Force. As the years progressed, he became a local legend: from protecting the aid convoy against saboteurs during the Great Irradiation, to coordinating the discovery of a pirate outpost, and even working to establish connection with the galaxy, he impressed his superiors and his troops with a gifted ability at leadership, intuition, and intelligence.

Eventually, as new hyperspace paths have been blazed, the region was rediscovered by the galaxy. With this, Nick felt a calling to explore and seek something more. Since then, he's done just that: in his past 5 years, Nick's traveled the galaxy far and wide as a trader, worked to defeat many mercenaries and hostile political groups, and has most recently accepted a commission as an Army Commander and Navy line officer of the Imperial Remnant.
Nicholas Pitt
Skillful Imperial Line Officer and Army Tactician

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