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Elias Greystone

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Elias Greystone

by Loki » 12 Aug 2014, 17:26

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Subjekt: Elias Greystone
Age: 54
Race: Human
Color of hair: Grey
Hight: 180 cm
Color of eyes: blue
Planet of origin: Kuat

Elias Greystone is has an old and weathered appearance. His eyes are crystal blue and very sharp. Elias body is rather thin but still good in form. He has full, short hair that grew white in his 40s.

Elias grew up as the only son of a wealthy familiy. His father was a technician and thus earned most of the money, while his mother was working in a hospital for the employes of the shipyards.
Elias Greystone graduated as one of the best of his shool and was hired by one of the Kuati families to undergo training as Engineer. He felt a big fascination for space travel and the machinery needed to achieve this endeavor. Elias mastered even the hardest task with ease and was chose, after his graduation as Engineer, to work on the creation of new ship types. He was one of the youngest men working in the development department, in that time beeing only 16 years old. He was part of vital inventions throughout the whole clone wars.
After the Republic collapsed and Palpatine implemented his new order on Kuat, Elias parents were enraged by the changes the new installed Moff Kuras made. Especially his father denied the reign of Palpatine sharply, since he was involved into former Kuati policy and was able to make a lot of profit with it. Elias was fascinated by the armament programm and the chance to build ships bigger than anything before and without a limit to costs. His parents were deeply hurt by his positive view and his arising of loyality towards to Empire. After two years of many arguments with their son they broke the contact.
Elias suffered under the loss of his parents and choose to enlist with the Imperial Navy and leave Kuat and his former family behind. His experiance with handling and working on ships earned him a place in the still new Starfleet. His expertise was welcome since many of the new officers were unexperianced with the ships, which made him gain ranks very quickly in the Navy.

Civil War Era:
With the age of 42 he was already the second in command of a Victory Star Destroyer named "Nemesis". He witnessed one of the first bigger battles in the Civil War and the "Nemesis" was severly damaged, many crewmen killed or wounded. After days of sublight travel it finally reached his former home Kuat, where it was repaired. Elias used the weeks where his ship was under repair, to speak to his former work colleagues again. While the "Nemesis" was under repair, the Rebels destroyed the first Death Star and Elias was shocked by the news. He felt helpless and useless in the times after the Battle of Yavin.
In the time the Empire was searching for the hidden Rebel Base, Elias was still studying the plans for a new ship that a friend at Sienar Fleet Systems send him. The "Immobilizer 418". Elias was obsessed by the plans for this ship and catching the terrorists that detroyed the Death Star. After many applications, he was finally transfered to the development branch at Sienar Fleet Systems and had the opportunity to work on the "Interdictor".
As the first ship of that class was lunched he was the proudest man in the galaxy and all the pain he felt after the destruction of the first Death Star was finally gone. That changed quickly after the Battle of Endor, as the Empire fell into chaos. Elias was drafted again and got command over a ship, that he himself had helped building. One of the Interdictors.

After the Civil War:
Elias Greystone grew into his new role as Captain slowly. Though his ships of the Interdictor Class were seldome and thus of high value to everyone, he and his crew found a place in Thrawns fleet very soon. With the death of Thrawn and disbanding of his fleet Elias and his crew found themselfes into a strange situation. The now arising Warlords fought for the possesion of the Interdictor. They chose to join the fleet of Admiral Daala who repelled an attack of several ships to save the Interdictor without staking out a claim of the ship. After her resignation Elias and his ship went with Pellaeon. In the battle at Lonnaw the Interdictor was damaged beyond repair and abandoned by Elias and his crew. Most of the men could be saved.

Elias Greystone and his men are still under Pellaeons command and are considered one of the most loyal crews in the fleet. They are well prepared for the tasks ahead of them. Elias has heard nothing from his family and it´s still an open wound to him that he didn´t speak with his parents before the presumably died.
He and his men are waiting for the moment went they can finally lay hands on their beloved ship class again...
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