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Line Captain Sena Dorn

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The Land of Hope & Glory

Line Captain Sena Dorn

by Technogeist » 06 Aug 2014, 02:05

Name: Sena Dorn
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 32
Weight: 58kg
Homeworld: Coruscant
Imperial Officer,
Fleet Line Captain,
Commanding officer of the IFV Eternal Crusader Imperial-I Star Destroyer.

Physical Appearance
Sena appears to be a relatively small example of the human race. The majority of her form is usually covered in the uniform of an imperial officer, and a matching hat sits on her head, just above her cut short brown hair. Spectacular in very few ways, Sena would not catch an eye in the crowd. She has however perfected the art of the judging stare, and will often use it on those who fail under her command.

Psychological Profile
Subject formal and composed when commanding a ship, however observed to be very stern and unpleasant to those who fail her or are disliked. Blunt and liable to take calculated risks, should the benefits outweigh the consequences by a large enough scale. Not unwilling to admit mistakes, however is also prone to being well aware of being let down by others, be it sloppy workmanship leading to mechanical failures or glaringly obvious faults in plans laid out by superiors. Is noted as having said that she will surround herself with reliable individuals in order to maximize success rate, liable to discharge personnel who are in her opinion unworthy to be under her command. When without orders from a superior in an engagement, will first seek to strike at most tactically valid targets, and secondly seek to inflict as much damage as possible to enemy fleet composition before the disengagement of either side.

Not recommended for diplomatic actions.

Brief History Document, Archive 1103C
Inherited wealth from father's side of family at a young age and used this to become very much upper class, opting for education in business classes through younger years. Made thought out and researched investments, securing her place in the upper echelons of Coruscant society.

A few years of that life later, Sena was involuntarily involved in an act of piracy. Records of the event are vague at best, however when questioned, Sena described how a force of multiple unidentified gunship class vessels had commenced boarding actions against her liner, killing half of the crew in the process. Shock and awe eventually wore off however, and the remaining staff set up barricades in the corridors of the ship, arming themselves with contingency caches located at the port side of the ship.

At this point, Sena refused to comment further. However, data pulled from the sensor network of Coruscant around this time show a small group of vessels matching the description of Sena's liner and the gunships exiting hyperspace near the star of the system before plunging in to it. All crew were presumed lost, however a small portion of civilians registered as having worked as Sena's staff during that time are shown as having sent in job applications for new places of work shortly thereafter. Sena herself soon retired from the political intrigue of Coruscant and applied for the Imperial academy three weeks later.
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