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Carl Larrson

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25 Jul 2014, 14:50

Carl Larrson

by SaF-Commander » 25 Jul 2014, 15:15

Name: Carl Larrson
Parents: father: Jared Larrson, Imperial Officer; mother: Merena Larrson (born as Takar), merchant from Corellia
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Born: 17 BBY
Homeworld: Chandrila, Chandrila system, Bormea sector, located in the Core Worlds
Occupation: Imperial Navy Pilot, Galactic Empire
Motto: “Service, Fealty, Fidelity“
Physical Appearance: A youthful man with dark brown hair, usually attired in the standard Imperial uniform.

Personal History:
Born as the son of Jared and Merena Larrson he lived in his childhood on the idyllic planet Chandrila.

His father served already in the Clone Wars for Old Republic, later, when Palpatin came to power, for the Galactic Empire. During the Clone Wars, he was a lieutenant on various Republican battle ships, and distinguished himself as a competent soldier. Because of the war, he met many different aliens and slowly developed a loathing of all non-human. At the Battle of Kashyyyk (19 BBY) he lost his right leg in the fight against a Wookiee. This event reaffirmed his hatred for these "wild" Aliens more. He was such a pardoned advocate of the New Order, which the Chancellor Palpatine propagated. Through his mutilation, he got a severe depression, Jared was therefore treated on Coruscant, where he had witnessed the proclamation of the Galactic Empire by Chancellor Palpatine. There he met his wife Merena, a trader from Corellia, for the first time and fell in love with her. Although he saw for himself and Merena no common future - because of its "mutilation" - Merena also fell in love with him. It was love at first sight. She, adventurous, open-minded and fun-loving; he, quiet, taciturn and cool, gave off an unusual couple.

He left the Imperial Navy and wanted to start with Merena a new, quiet and peaceful life as a farmer. Jared moved with his girlfriend Merena back on his home world Chandrila. They married and moved to Hanna, the capital Chandrilas. A year after the marriage their son Carl was born. But Merena died shortly after his birth due to exhaustion; his father Jared got another depression and tried to suppress his grief through work. The father-son relationship was therefore always been very tense: He was strict with Carl; he demanded always the best possible of his son. He was a soldier through and through - only dressed as a farmer.

Jared got an offer to get a job as Imperial trainers on the planet Corulag. He accepted with pride and was now back in service for the Empire. The 7-year-old Carl left with his father's home and moved to Curamelle, the capital of Corulag. His new job was the Imperial Military Academy of Corulag. His father worked hard and a lot, and neglected his relationship with his son. Carl felt alone and gave the Empire the blame for the lack of his father in him. He wanted to be like his dead mother to become a trader - or even a famous notorious bounty hunters like Boba Fett. In any case, he did not want to become like his father. When Carl was 17 years old, his father was offered a job on a new secret station. Jared's last deployment was on the new and powerful Imperial station: the Death Star. There he was to work out the TIE Fighter pilots in simulated combat situations, but when the Rebel-Terrorists attacked the Death Star, was out of training deadly serious. By a daring pilot named Luke Skywalker Death Star was destroyed and his father Jared was killed.

The news of his father's death shook Carl deeply. His relationship with Jared was always ambivalent: on the one hand, he loved his father, but then he hated him for the strict and cool education. Only now he realized how much he loved his father. He wanted revenge for the murder of his father! Instead of Incom Corporation he went to the Imperial Military Academy to hunt the rebel scum and every individual to atone for it. There the Imperial instructors quickly saw his talent: TIE Fighter pilot. The TIE-Fighter pilots represented the elite of the Imperial Navy, having undergone grueling physical and psychological conditioning to achieve their ranks. An elite corps, only 10 percent of TIE pilots successfully navigated the intense training and testing of the Imperial Navy. Carl gained the basis of higher education and military discipline, and then continued his education at the Imperial Naval College on Coruscant, where Academy graduates received specific training on naval operations, combat, and command functions.

After his training he was assigned to the Chimaera. His first ordeal was the Battle of Endor. He barely survived, many of his friends and comrades died during the defense of the second Death Star. He will have revenge!
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27 Apr 2014, 18:25



Re: Carl Larrson

by Loki » 05 Aug 2014, 16:41

Nice work so far!
Might want to add a bit of story about what happend after Endor, given the fact that we are currently at the beginning of 12 ABY.

Do you want to participate in the Character Contest on the imperial Forums with this character?If so just sign up in the according thread.
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