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Maxim C. Pallex

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Maxim C. Pallex

by Rico » 21 Jul 2014, 21:01

Name: Maxim Crick Pallex
Species: Human
Age: 27
Homeworld: Coruscant

Occupation: Officer in the New Republic Defense Fleet

Physical Appearance:
Maxim is a rather small guy, only 1,68 cm ( 5.5 ft) tall and not very remarkable on the first look. On the second look though most people notice his dark brown hair and his green - grey eyes, which have some black spots in the iris.
Though he has quite some belly to him, he is still not untrained. Some might underestimate his physical abilities but he could hold his own very well in a fight. He has some kind of sarcastic humor to him. Unlike many Imperial officers
he sees his subordinates as some kind of family, rather than some mindless numbers.

Personal History:
Born on Coruscant 15 BBY, Maxim learned to value life ,human and non human alike, as the highest good of all, quite early in his life.
His mother, a nurse at a small med station in the lower parts of the city, made sure that he would always remember: "That there is nothing more important than to keep the loss of lives at an absolute minimum".
Though he always tried to live up to that, Maxim wasn't a social person. He barely had any friends during his childhood.
The fact that his father had left him for good to head off and find his fortune elsewhere, wasn't helping him either.
Most people in the neighborhood of their small apartment were viewing his mother with suspicion. Having regular visits from foreign men and women, further increased the rumor that she was doing this special kind of "business" to help pay her rent.
The truth however was that those were patient's that either could not afford, or were not allowed to attend the official medical treatment facility's on Coruscant.
However treating them without proper education and equipment was considered a crime, and could've caused a lot of trouble for both of them.
Growing up all by himself, with neither friend's nor any relatives, other than his mother, to guide him, Maxim tried to find his place in the world.

Trying different jobs after he finished his education at the local school, he ended up in a small company, producing various smaller parts for starships. Working long shifts, in the dirty little factory was not what Maxim had wished for and so he decided soon that he had to get out of this.

Leaving his mother alone was not too easy for him, especially in the lower parts where a lot of dubious people were wandering around. There was no other way though and so he left Coruscants lower parts to join the Imperial Navy.

Education was good at the Coruscani Pilot Institut, however learning to fight was not easy for him, neither was it to get along with the other recruits. Maxim had concerns about the degrading things Imperial officers did to members of non-human species.

After graduating from the CPI with only basic flight skills it was highly unlikely for him to be recognized by any of the Imperial Squad Leaders, which were looking out for new pilots. Although his flight skills proved to be nothing more than basic, his tactical skill and his sense for timing were exceeding that of most other recruits by far. The imperial officer, Argon Duran, gaven Maxim a chance to prove himself, as his unoffical Adjutant at leading the "Superior", a Lancer class frigate.

He didn't enjoy life aboard the "Superior" but he learned at lot about tactics and leadership.
In 10 ABY , only one year after he joined the crew of the "Superior", the ship was caught in a large rebel ambush. Maxim was forced into command after most members of the officers had been killed by a direct torpedo hit on the bridge.
Though being viewed with suspicion by his fellow comerades, Maxim managed to convince them to follow his orders, although he was not a real part of the command structure of the ship yet.
With minimal odds for success he prevented the frigate from being destroyed in an nearly 1 hour long skirmish with the rebel forces, consisting of 2 CR 90 corvettes, a squadron of X-Wing fighters and a Nebulon-B frigate.
Using a tactical hyper space jump he was able to corner the Nebulon-B and damage her badly, but ultimately surrendered to the rebel forces to both, save the life of his crew as well as his own.

He hadn`t planned to return to the Empire anyway and he wouldn't let the opportunity, to get out of the Imperial Navy, slip so easily.
After a long interrogation he gave in and shared the little intel he had with the rebel group. Soon after Maxim joined the Rebellion as Lieutenant Junior Grade and was assigned to the Corvette "Adreia".

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