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Aquilius Velius Loki

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Aquilius Velius Loki

by Loki » 19 May 2014, 22:27

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Subjekt: Aquilius Velius Loki
Age: Restricted
Race: Restricted
Color of hair: white (formerly black)
Hight: 190 cm
Color of eyes: black
Planet of origin: Coruscant

A tall and old looking man with white skin. The skin seems to be intersected by black looking vains which are reaching from his neck to his forehead. He has a big scar from the right side of his face, over his left eye to his jaw. Origin unknown.
His left eye is white though his eyesight could be saved.
He has a small body and is well trained. His gesture and speech seems to be very highly trained and always deliberate.

Aquilius grew up beneath the Imperial Palace as one of three sons of RESTRICTED and RESTRICTED. His parents had earned the right for such a privileged space on the Imperial home planet by devoting their lives to service to the Emperor. They RESTRICTED. The Emperor, very pleased by the devotion of Aquilius´ parents, granted their child a lot of benefits.
He granted him access to the imperial academy though he wasn´t old enough. That had seldom happend before and was a great gift and award, athough it destroyed a kid to form a man.
Tests had shown that he was a person of high intelligence, cold and calculating as well as ambitious. His younger years were therefore charaterized by training and learning, especially with the war arising in the galaxy. In later times he tended to say that the Alliance and their civil war stole his childhood.

Civil War Era:
During the Galaktic Civil war Aquilius asked to be transferred to combat units multiple times, but command declined his request every time. Though a trained fighter pilot he had to sit and wait. Aquilius suffered from great depression because of the rejection by the imperial military. The biggest turning point in his life happend as the second Death Star was destroyed by the Alliance and his parents were RESTRICTED.
Aquilius fled from Coruscant, fearing that the citizens who were sympathising with the Rebellion would persecute him and his brothers. They split up on the space port of Coruscant. It is unknown where his brothers went and if they are still alive.
Aquilius met up with Arek Drew who was an officer on one of the Star Destroyers which managed to escape the battle of Endor.

After the Civil War:
Aquilius earned his right to stay on the Star Destroyer "Crusher" by aiding the crew in repairing the damages suffered at Endor. After a while he was accepted to the ships Fighter Squadron to replace the losses. It was there where he met Feria Sun.
The two fell in love a short while after they met and although time and privacy were limited, it was the happiest time of his life according to his own words.
Feria and Aquilus were transfered to shuttle services on their request half a year later. Shortly after their redeployment into shuttle services Feria got pregnant. She gave birth to a little boy. They decided on naming him Aerinius. His wife and his son were deployed to Bastion for ground service. The captain of the "Crusher" made that choice for them, stating that a Star Destroyer is not the right place for a child to grow up.

Aquilius Velius Loki is still in imperial service today. At the moment he is applying for a different job. Application still in review.

With the next great war on the doorstep, only fate knows if he and his family can withstand the storm that is about to come...

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