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Lucian Powa

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15 May 2014, 21:41

Lucian Powa

by ChewiePowa » 17 May 2014, 17:25

Name: Lucian Powa
Species: Chiss
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Homeworld: Unknown

Occupation: Imperial Navy cadet

Physical Appearance: Lucian is a Chiss of average build. Blue skin, red eyes and dark hair. Would be considered handsome by his people but his lack of facial expression makes him both unreadable and

Personal History: In 10 BBY Lucian was found as a baby by his adoptive father, Devron Powa. Devron was a a transport pilot working for Allied Grain and Roughage, a Corellian farming company. During a mission near Corellian space Devron's transport discovered the wreck of a Chiss Glider, the crew found no one aboard except for a infant Chiss. Devron took pity on the child and decided to adopt him and bring him back to Corellia.

Lucian grew up in the Astrilde Bottomlands on Corellia. Devron was often away from home and Lucian was raised by his abusive adoptive mother, Rana. She never accepted the Chiss infant as her child.
Lucian survived this harsh upbringing and aspired to emulate the exploits of Soontir fel, a local hero, as an imperial navy pilot.

When Lucian turned 18, a strange incident occured, both his adoptive parents disappeared, an investigation by the local authorities turned up nothing. Many locals believed the Chiss to be responsible..

Lucian took the naval academy entrance tests and thanks to his impressive results was sent to the Imperial Naval Academy. He graduated in the top 10% and was accepted into the imperial flight school.

After a year of training Lucian Powa has now been reassigned to Bastion Command and is awaiting further orders...

(I hope this is up to scratch, i have never done this before so if it's bad help me please xp)

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