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O.R.I.N. The Watcher

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07 Apr 2012, 07:02

O.R.I.N. The Watcher

by Huggiesunrise » 03 May 2014, 20:00

Name: ORIN // (Oversight.Robotics.Intelligence.Network)
Species: Droid Intelligence
Gender: Null
Age: Null
Homeworld: Nal Hutta

Occupation: Direct oversight and monitoring of cartel operations. Also can mix drinks.

Physical Appearance: Droid Intelligence or artificial intelligence exists in many droids of every class and specialization. This particular network however consists of several bodies and several applications. Rather than fully dominate, it watches, curbs non-efficiency and maximizes efficiency. At least by design...

ORIN will inhabit specifically made chassis' that can accommodate its system otherwise it directs several small legions of droids to do various duties. Otherwise the mainframe itself is located in Durgas palace.

ORIN has a small infatuation with circles and spheres so its operating chassis are designated as ORB's or Operable Remote Bodies. Thier expense is high because of the high grade internal systems required to ghost operate them and even more expensive if ORIN where to elect to inhabit one completely this is of course more cheaply done with starships and shuttles as their computers are larger and already formatted for a network.

Personal History: Originally proposed and designed by an undisclosed and ultimately forgotten underling within Durgas employ in Blacksun. The ORIN system was another measure to ensure Durgas influence in the larger sphere of hutt space and specifically monitoring his corporate holdings were not corrupted beyond his control.

Of course as most schemes turn out badly for those with high intelligence but little wisdom this underling intended to use ORIN to stage micro thefts. Durga had already been far ahead of this scheme not ignorant of the power of automated assistance and the power of high quality sentience programming.

ORIN was a simple class 1 system extensive in data but limited in interaction Durga simply sabotaged the system with sentience programming permitting him to make a deal with ORIN to provide the services of oversight/security and in turn be compensated with credits and the freedom to expand and improve itself as it saw fit.

ORIN quickly apprehended and upon Durgas command executed its creator when it had attempted to take several tons of spice during a self diagnostic and shutdown of the security grid.

While initially a secret, ORIN has been more exposed since Durgas ascent in power as more holdings and power came to him. Those that are more familiar with ORIN call it "O". ORIN now assists the command structure of many branches within the Cartel. It still watches, and waits reporting all forms of data and recordings of note to the master.

Though... sentience has its own rewards.

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