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Dian Set

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Dian Set

by berowe » 01 May 2014, 20:21

Name: Dian (dee-an) Set
Species: Human, Carida
Gender: Male
Age: On-file
Homeworld: Carida

Occupation: Imperial Navy Officer Cadet. Executive Officer of the 582nd Imperial Fighter Wing.

Physical Appearance: Dian is over two meters tall and balding at the crown. He would never be considered attractive, but maintains excellent physical fitness despite his age.

Personal History: Dian grew up as the Republic fell, and was witness to the Empire's sweeping changes--most notably at the nearby Imperial Academy on Carida. He was mesmerized by the ivory Stormtrooper uniforms, and as a teenager he would sneak into remote training areas hoping to see them in action. He applied to the Imperial Fleet and was accepted into the Corulag Academy. He tested well, and was an adequate pilot, though criticized by his instructors for being overly cautious. After a short tour of duty in a TIE, Dian was transferred to a staff position aboard the cruiser Ilthmar's Fist.

At the battle of Endor Dian's cruiser managed to escape, ultimately following Admiral Harrsk's retreat into the core systems where he willingly served under the self-proclaimed warlord, rising to command a wing of TIE Interceptors. Dian reluctantly surrendered his wing following Harrsk's death at Tsoss, was stripped of rank and command and eventually reassigned as a pilot instructor at Bastion.

Unsatisfied with his fate after such a long career, he constantly strove to prove his loyalty to the new High Command, shedding his hesitant nature and gaining notoriety for his intensive pilot training regime--often taking trainees on extended flights into hostile space and forcing them to conduct drills and maneuvers within Bastions dense minefields--even while under "friendly" fire from its defense platforms.

Squadron Leader Set at inspection aboard Harrsk's command ship Whirlwind. Date Unknown.
"You're going to have to run faster than that, reb..."
- Reaper comms -

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