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Berowe Rya'lya

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Berowe Rya'lya

by berowe » 29 Mar 2014, 05:31

Name: Berowe Rya’lya
Species: Bothan
Gender: Male
Age: 53
Homeworld: Kothlis

Occupation: Contract pilot and former privateer.

Physical Appearance: Berowe is short, even by Bothan standards. His hair is dyed yellow in a mohawk, and he takes great pride in his appearance in an effort to hide his increasing years.

Personal History: Berowe was born into the powerful Clan Alya on Kothlis. His upbringing allowed him many opportunities for personal advancement and resulted in his entry to the Bothan Martial Academy. After a short period of local service prior to the Galactic Civil War, Berowe’s family saw further opportunities for him outside of the military.

Berowe’s father owned a freighter service named “The Way” and was contacted by elements of the fledgling Rebellion to assist their efforts, with Berowe agreeing to lead a small starfighter squadron contracted by the rebels to harass Imperial shipping. His squadron served with distinction throughout the early stages of the war. Berowe’s actions elevated his family within the clan, and they were rewarded with him being permitted use of the ‘lya honorific.

As the Rebellion grew it began to shift from a ragtag band into a structured military machine. Admiral Ackbar pushed for groups like Berowe’s organization to join the hierarchy, considering those that refused to be little more than pirates. Berowe had no ideological link to the Rebellion or the New Republic and found it easy to move his business elsewhere, finding a number of ways to profit on both sides of the “law” as the conflict continued across the galaxy.

Years later, on one such “grey” operation near Sullust, numerous elements of “The Way” were ambushed by New Republic forces and suffered heavy losses. Berowe was captured and spent several years in rehabilitation centers. His clan recently secured him a pardon, leaving the aging pilot with a clean slate, but few resources with which to rebuild his life’s work. He plans to strike out and again provide his services to the highest bidder.

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Re: Berowe Rya'lya

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Blame DarkForce, he wasn't clear about it.

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