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Corellian Protectorate Civilian Laws and Regulations

by AlhaiPavan » 19 May 2017, 06:56

Corellian Protectorate Civilian Laws and Regulations

Civilian Travel Privileges

All civilian pilots are welcomed to travel and conduct business within system that belong to the Corellian Protectorate. Civilian pilots will be expected to obey the laws and regulations of the Corellian Protectorate. Those found breaking the laws and regulations of the Corellian Protectorate may temporarily lose their travel privileges and will be punished accordingly. If a pilot feels that he is wrongfully charged may file a report to the Corellian Protectorate and an investigation will be conducted into the matter. Protectorate pilots are instructed to treat civilian pilots professionally and are not permitted to mistreat a civilian pilot.
Pilots that feel that their safety is in danger may contact Protectorate forces to request an escort or to oversee disputes within Protectorate space. Escorts will normally consist of a fighter squadron. In specific circumstances, larger vessels may be used. These escorts will only go as far as the edge of Protectorate space. If the threat of danger extends outside of Protectorate space, it is recommended that the pilot contacts the governing forces of the next system.

Civilian Obligations

While in system belonging to the Corellian Protectorate, civilian pilots by law must follow the laws and regulations. For non-commercial civilian pilots, this means that they must be ready to submit their identification files and flight plans on request by Protectorate Officers. Non-commercial pilots must also give the right of way to commercial and military vessels when docking at a station Commercial pilots are expected to not only have their identification files and flight plans ready to submit on request but also be ready to send their cargo manifests as well. Commercial pilots must also comply with trade and transportation laws and regulations. This includes applying for a trading license. Information is listed below.

All civilian pilots must be ready to power down their engines and submit to scans when requested by officers of the Protectorate. Do note, the Corellian Protectorate does have the right to confiscate dangerous and or illicit cargo. Legal cargo will only be confiscated in times where the safety of the Protectorate is at risk

While in Protectorate space pilots must refrain from firing weapons within Protectorate space outside of self-defense. For a pilot to claim self-defense, the aggressor must have had fired on the defending vessel or had tried to ram said vessel.

Finally, pilots must comply with the Corellian Protectorate at all time. Pilots that fail to comply may be held and fined. Pilots of the Protectorate are responsible for enforcing the laws and regulations of the Corellian Protectorate. When a pilot fails to comply with an order of the Protectorate, the pilot is then compromising the safety of the system and the citizens in it.

Licenses and Tariffs

Those wishing to transport cargo in Corellian Protectorate space must register to receive a license. These licenses cost 1,250 credits per cargo unit the ship being registered can hold. These licenses allow the pilot to apply for cargo permits as well as receive a 50% reduction to tariffs on military equipment. Without a license, the tariff for military equipment is 20%. Those that have violated the laws of the Corellian System in the past would receive a 40% tax.

Those that have had their trading license revoked will need to wait a three-month period before being able to apply for a new license. A new license will cost 2000 credits per cargo unit as well as a 500-credit reinstatement fee. Should said pilot need to reinstate his license a second time, the fee is increased to 1000 credits and wait six months. After which, a pilot can no longer apply to reinstate his license.

Pilots that do not have a license will be charged a 100,000-credit fine. Repeat offenders will be charged double of the previous offense. Ex) First Offense 100,000 credits. Second Offense, 200,000 credits. Third Offense, 400,000 credits. Pilots may repeat this offense indefinitely so long as they can afford the fine.

Territory of the Corellian Protectorate

Systems that have joined the Corellian Protectorate have transferred all legal authority of their system to the Protectorate. This means that the laws of the Protectorate apply to these systems. Protectorate Forces also granted peacekeeping authority in these systems as well.

Outside of these systems, anywhere within 200 kilometers of a Corellian Protectorate outpost is considered Protectorate Territory. Those within communication range of a Protectorate capital ship are in control range of the vessel. Pilots within the control range of the vessel must obey any instructions given by the Protectorate. Those that are in control range that fail to comply will be treated as hostile vessels.

Smuggling and Piracy

Those that are found carrying illicit cargo or are carrying restricted cargo without proper authorization will be charged with smuggling. In most cases, smugglers will be charged a two-hundred credit fine and the cargo will be confiscated by the Corellian Protectorate. Repeat offenders risk imprisonment as well as their starship being impounded. Commercial Pilots that are registered with the Protectorate will have their licenses and permits revoked. How to recover said licenses and permits is listed above as well as a list of illicit and restricted cargo below. Should any ship fail to submit to a scan by the authorities will automatically be suspected of smuggling.

The Corellian Protectorate does not support piracy and will actively hunt and destroy known pirates. Pilots that are found threatening or attacking another vessel will be marked as pirates. On principle, Protectorate forces are instructed to fire on pilots committing piracy in the system. Known pirates are not welcomed in Protectorate space and will be attacked on sight. Pirates that wish to surrender must alert Protectorate authorities before entering the system. Should that be impossible, it is recommended that said pirate surrender upon entering the system. Again, those that do not surrender at any point will be considered hostile and will be destroyed on sight. If a pilot believes he is wrongfully suspected of piracy, he should turn himself in as soon as possible to clarify the accusations immediately.

Disruptor weapons are illegal in Protectorate space. Those caught with disruptors will be ordered to eject their weapons and will be fined 1,000,000 credits. There are no exceptions to this law. Those that fail to comply will be marked as a pirate and will be destroyed.

Pirates and smugglers that manage to flee Protectorate authorities will be placed on the wanted list and may receive a bounty placed on them. This bounty will not be removed until it is either claimed or the pilot surrenders to the Protectorate. More information on bounty hunting is listed below.

Bounty Hunting

Bounty hunting is only legal in Corellian Protectorate Space for Corellian Protectorate approved bounties. Non-Corellian Protectorate bounties must be approved by the Protectorate beforehand. In no circumstances are bounties on members of the Protectorate Legal. Those that participate in illegal bounties will be treated as pirates.

Suspect and Wanted Lists

The suspect and wanted lists show ships that have committed actions that go against what the mission of the Corellian Protectorate. Suspects of such actions are not permitted to enter Corellian Space until they have proven their innocence to Command or have turned themselves in. Suspects will not be shot on sight outside of Protectorate space, but are urged to surrender themselves to the Protectorate.

Ships that are on the wanted list are known pirates. Protectorate Forces will attack these ships on sight, regardless of the system they are in. These ships may also have legal bounties placed on them.

Suspect List:

Wanted List:

Illicit Cargo List:

Andris Spice
Assassin Droids
Avabush Spice
Booster Blue Spice
Carsunum Spice
Catabar Spice
Chak Root
Collafa Spice
Crash N Burn Spice
Criminal Rejects
Death Sticks
Eldratz Spice
Engspice Spice
Galactic Outlaw
Gannarian Narco-Spice
Giggledust Spice
Glitterstim Spice
Imperial Deserters
Mekebve Spores
Muon Gold Spice
Negamo Spice
Neutron Pixie Spice
New Republic Deserters
Nyriaan Spice
Pyrepenol Spice
Red Rage Spice
Ryll Kor Spice
Ryll Spice
Sansanna Spice
Shenir Spice
Swoop Gangsters

Restricted Cargo That Requires A Permit To Transport:

Cloning Equipment
Corellian Pilots
Dura Armors
Energy Cages
Imperial Code Cylinders
Imperial Intelligence
Imperial Orders
Imperial Redesign Teams
Military Droids
New Republic Ambassadors
New Republic Soldiers
Pain Simulators
Spy Drones
Thermal Detonators
TIE Solar Panels
Twin Ion Engines
War Mounts
Weapons Crates

Travel Advisory

The systems below have been deemed unsafe for civilian travel. Those wishing to enter these systems do so at their own risk. This applies for all systems in Hutt Space as well. The Corellian Protectorate are in no way liable for property lost or damaged in these systems or any system outside of Protectorate Space.

Pirate Alerts:

Bespin System (Heavy Pirate Presence)
Cerea System (Light Pirate Presence)
Endor System (Heavy Pirate Presence)
Garqi System (Light Pirate Presence)
Hoth System (Moderate Pirate Presence)
Kashyyyk System (Light Pirate Presence)
Tatooine System (Extremely Heavy Pirate Presence, Enter At Own Risk)
Tsoss System (Light Pirate Presence)
Yag’Dhul System (Light Pirate Presence)
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Re: Corellian Protectorate Civilian Laws and Regulations

by AlhaiPavan » 21 May 2017, 19:51

Due to reviews on our current trade policy, the cost of licenses have been reduced to 1,250 credits per cargo unit. Renewals for those that have had their licenses revoked will remain at 2,000 credits as well as the additional fees.

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