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New Republic Trade Laws

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New Republic Trade Laws

by Volume_9 » 19 May 2017, 02:10

All ships that trade in New Republic space will be taxed 20% of the profit of the goods they are trading. If the ship does not have sufficient funds to pay the tax, the equivalent sum in cargo may be confiscated alternatively. If a ship spotted running cargo is not stopped by a customs official, they will be charged upon their next interaction with a customs official. New Republic Command will reward reports of ships hauling cargo in New Republic space at their own discretion

A vessel may register itself under New Republic law and receive a tax deduction of 50% of all trade taxes. To register a freighter, simply contact New Republic authority, fill out a few forms and pay a fee of 1,000 credits per cargo capacity units the vessel may hold. While the license lasts forever on a single vessel, if the owner sells their registered freighter for a new one of larger cargo hold, a payment of any cargo units added after the original capacity is necessary.

A ship that is hauling illegal goods will be deemed a smuggler on the spot, have their cargo confiscated or destroyed, and be fined 250 credits per cargo unit of illegal freight.

Ships that deliberately avoid New Republic customs officials and escape when pursued will be regarded as a hostile entity. If the ship concedes to the pursuing official, they will be fined a smuggler’s fee, but retain their cargo if it is legal.
Currently, any criminals, gangsters, slaves, Imperial military personnel or spices are not permitted through New Republic space.
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