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Friday update #3

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18 Feb 2010, 13:09

Friday update #3

by MystacX » 29 Aug 2014, 19:14

Hey there! It's Friday! That means we bring you news!

The sitrep we use to keep each other updated on what we've done has been very quiet this week, so I'm doing this one a little different from normal. Also, There will more than likely be a patch this weekend, if not it'll come soon after. Much will be changes with this first patch around the new metagame pivot.

- Removed the ship-tiering from the game. No more connecting your characters through the GameCP! As soon as you create a character, you have access to that faction's complete shiplist now, if you have the money.
- The X-Wing and the TIE-Interceptor have both undergone their first balance overhaul. The X-Wing has high Alpha and good pitch and is a little tougher. The Interceptor has higher average DPS and ROF, faster speed, better yaw and pitch, better roll, and slightly more fragile.
- Added a jump bouy to the old capital ship system, so you can now buy capital ships. No more hoarding materials, all you need is credits. Please be aware that these prices have not been balanced fully.
- Initial rebalance of the MC90/ISD. Not finished yet but will now at least be a fair fight.

- More hyperspace tweaks
- HUD element upgrades; detailed overlays on spawned gates showing time to stable/despawn and instability %, target tracking overlay, missile lock overlay, cruise delay info, hyperdrive cooldown info, hyperspace distance from tunnel edge, etc.
- Eliminated any and all drifting at any speeds! WW2-style combat!
- With Sizer: Thrusters may now only be fired if at 95% or more. Thrusters are rebalanced into burst fire boosters.
- Shields are now dropped if the player logs in while in space. Docking/undocking will regenerate the shields. Log off docked to avoid this!
- Completely overrode FLServer behavior for sending updates to the client about missiles. Missiles should move much more smoothly and should look like they connect with their target more reliably.
- Tradelanes are no longer dockable; instead, they indicate areas into which plotting a jump is free (no impact on cooldown, almost instantaneous stability). Attempting to dock with a tradelane will automatically plot a jump to the connected tradelane instead.
- As a result of this, interdictors affect precalculated hyperlanes as well.

Stay tuned on the forums for the complete changelog when we drop the patch. We hope to see you in game this week!

Have a good weekend.
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28 Aug 2014, 19:52



Re: Friday update #3

by Bendak Ordo » 29 Aug 2014, 23:30

Cool man and i just got me a tie interceptor too so should be a lot better now because its underpowerd compared to the standard tie fighter

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