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Is it real?

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09 May 2016, 20:19

Is it real?

by Hyglik » 09 May 2016, 20:33

Freelancer was my very first space game and nothing has catch me quite like it from the day Freelancer stopped supporting their own online servers. I used to play this game a bunch and the Freeworlds mod, since I am a Star Wars Junky. Always played as a rebel, and will always play as one for every Starwars game.
Is this an active community of people? and how do I go about getting the mod installed, up and running? I just found this page again a few hours ago so I haven't really browsed around to much yet, however, I did join the discord channel already. Looking forward to flying around in my xwing once again. :mrgreen:
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01 Sep 2015, 05:11


Ontario, Canada

Re: Is it real?

by Volume_9 » 01 Jun 2016, 16:41

Hi Hyglik,

I apologise for the late welcome, we've been a bit lacking on regular NR players, resulting in a lack of interest, and therefore a lack of activity.

If you want to install the mod, you probably can pick it up somewhere in the forums. You can also use the ModDB page set up; however, it hasn't been updated recently, so you'll need to install quite a few updates once you get the launcher running. Be sure to have a fresh install of Freelancer on your PC.

It's good to hear you like the New Republic, we need some more recruits. There has been a big faction wipe as well, so good timing!

If you need anything, put a message in the discord chat. We don't bite.

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